What is Dyspnea ?

Breathlessness or shortness of breath or effort during Breathing is Dyspnea.

l have Dyspnea. What could be the cause ?

Dyspnea may be due to some disease of lungs like Asthma or some disease of heart like heart failure or heart attack.

What to do if I have Dyspnea on walking or climbing stairs ?

Visit to a doctor. Doctor will do necessary investigations to find out the cause of Dyspnea, like ECG, ECHO and PFT.

How to treat Dyspnea ?

First we have to find out the cause of Dyspnea. If Dyspnea is due to heart disease like heart failure than we investigate for the cause of heart disease and start treatment accordingly. lf asthma of lung is found then medicine & inhalers re prescribed.

What precautions do one have to take to prevent Dyspnea ?

Take regular medicine as prescribed by doctor with regular exercise, yoga and weight reduction.



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