What is a non healing Leg Ulcer ?

Non healing Leg Ulcer is a wound is leg which is from long period and is not treated with medicines or dressings.

What are the cause of non healing Leg Ulcer ?

Non healing Leg Ulcer is due to clot in blood vessels of leg due to diabetes, infection of leg or improper care of legs.

How to prevent/treat NHLU ?

Take care of leg & foot with regular wash. Use shoes or chappal always. Control blood sugar and if it is not controlled, visit to doctor.

If there is a non healing Leg Ulcer? Check blood vessels of leg by Peripheral Angiography. If NHLU is due to blockage of blood vessels then opening blood vessel may help is healing of when along with regular dressing.

How to open Vessels which are blocked ?

After checking blood vessel, we can open blood vessel with Angioplasty or bypass surgery. By this treatment we start blood flow to leg and ulcer may heal itself.

Is there any cut or blood transfunction required ?

In angiography there is no cut or blood transfusion required. Only needle puncture is needed. We open blockage stent.



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