What is a TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack ?

TIA’s are often labeled as ‘mini-strokes or warning strokes’. This means temporary blockage of blood to the brain without any permanent injury to the brain and the body.

What are the symptoms of TIA ? ?

Symptoms are similar to an Ischemic Stroke which may include blurring of speech or vision. loss of consciousness or weakness of arm or leg for a duration of not more than 5 minutes without any permanent squelae.

Why is the treatment of TIA necessary?

TIA is a warning that a major stroke can happen which may cause permanent disability. So. an evaluation by the doctor is necessary. If you have had such symptoms.

What are the investigations needed ?

A clot or blockage needs to be located in the carotid arteries by carotid doppler that is scanning of neck vessel and a procedure called carotid angiography. These are the main arteries supplying blood to the brain. A CT Scan and MRI of brain along with a cardiac evaluation is also needed.

How can we treat the blockage in these arteries ?

We can treat the blockage in the carotid arteries by putting a stent in these arteries to restore the blood supply to the brain. This helps in preventing stroke and the procedure is knoven as carotid angioplasty. Patient may require to be on blood thinners after the Procedure.



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