What is Varicose Vein ?

Varicose Veins is due to engorgement of blood vessels in leg, which return blood from legs to heart.

What are the symptoms of Varicose Vein ?

Varicose veins cause swelling in leg with blue blood vessels which are seen over the leg. Ulcer in foot or leg may occur due to varicose vein.

What is the treatment of Varicose Vein ?

In initial stage, we can treat this with some special socks (Compression Stocking) and avoid prolonged standing and keep one leg elevated.

How can we treat Varicose Vein without surgery or any cut ?

We have special technique to treat varicose vein in which no surgery or cut is required. Only needle prick is needed and with special catheter, we treat varicose vein and give injection of medicine which treat varicose vein.

How much hospital stay is required ?

Next day of procedure, we can discharge the patient.

Is it a painful procedure ?

Procedure has minimum pain compared to surgery and is done under local anesthesia.